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Traveling as a digital nomad

A new concept called digital nomads came along with the internet, now the covid-19 pandemic has forced many people into working from home and this might lead to an increase in digital nomads in the following years. If you are starting out as a digital nomad and are about to plan your first trip, then there are a few things you need to know.

Do your research and planning

Before you start traveling, try to do as much research and planning at home as possible. First of all, you need to sort out every important document needed such as passport, visas, travel insurance, etc. Then do some research on the area you are going to be in. Find places to stay along the way, find coffee shops with good internet to work from, find sport and free-time activities, etc. The more you plan and prepare before your trip, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip. Remember to find the best health insurance for digital nomads, we can’t stress this part enough, since a lot of things can happen when you are on the road for a long time!

Bring the right amount of work

The first time you are going on a trip and bring your work along, it’s easy to underestimate the change of environment. It takes up time and energy to get used to a new place, meet new people, etc. Try to see if you can adapt your workload while traveling, so you have more free time to get used to the new lifestyle. On your first 2-3 trips the optimal workload is about 50-70% of what you could get done at home. You want to make sure you enjoy the new lifestyle and adapt at the right pace, so you don’t get stressed and experience burnout.

 Stay with likeminded people

A key to traveling as a digital nomad is to stay around like-minded people, who also work and pursue the digital nomad lifestyle. Staying at a hostel, around people who are traveling full-time can be stressful and demotivating and lead to decrees in productivity. Our favorite way to combine or work and travel is by staying in a co-living space. Co-living spaces for digital nomads, are a great way to be surrounded by like-minded people, with who you can share ideas,  knowledge, and enjoy a great work/life balance.
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